Rise of the G.O.Ds

The slave camp part 2

Rylle watched from the edge of the woods as the glob of snot landed on Velt’s forehead. His hand reached for his dagger but he gained control of his anger and slipped even deeper into the shadows wiping his brow

She was suddenly glad she was not a sneak thief. The approach of footsteps had her spin around sword still in hand. Two newcomers had joined the group, it did not take long to get matters settled. A very obnoxious sellsword named Pahtrik and a gnome wizard named Berks with the mouth of a drunken dwarf. They were mercs sent from Waterdeep to invest the story of the missing merchants now turned slaves. The two of them would never tackle the slave camp alone but the 7 of them? Oh wait…make that 6…Maz was as useful in a fight as a pair of wet pantyhose. She turned her attention back to the rogue

Velt disappeared from the sentries and made his way into the camp and found way sort of blocked by another inattentive orc mildly pushing some slaves around. One that was off to the edge out of sight from the main force


His aim was true and the target was soon twitching on the ground with nothing more than a gurgle of noise.

He approached the slaves and found nothing but a simple bolt and fear keeping them imprisoned. He freed a few and bid them to run as he heard the approach of heavy clad boots and off they bolted in a direct path outward the camp.

Easily spotted by the guards two slaves died instantly and our band of heroes no longer felt it wise to lurk in the woods. The party fell upon the sentries in a storm of action and felled the one that jumped down from the tree the instant he hit the ground, but the sentry proved to be a bit harder than expected and not till they surrounded him taking turns hacking off pieces of flesh did he drop in submission.

Velt was still on his own within the camp, the brute guard ran right past him after the slaves giving him a opportune target for a arrow in the back.

This time the orc did not fall dead tho. Instead it spun around and charged landing a hefty blow against the head and Velt was suddenly not feeling the greatest. He tried to return the blow with his sword but in his dizziness the swing went wild. The orc just smiled and raised his club to finish the job.

Lucky for him the others did not forget him, a javalyn and a bolt of fire came from the entrance slaying the brute. Thankful for the help he did not want to meet any other orcs in his condition. He hobbled towards his friends and was slightly taken aback by a brace of the smallest goblins he has ever seen came from the big stack of firewood. They were almost cute if not for the fact that they were carrying small crossbows that shot searing bolts of energy in his direction.
“ok fuck this” he mumbled and found within him the will to lift feet and make fast a run thru the tress to others with bolts of blue energy zapping the branches around him.
The party moved up to help the guy and one of the goblins dropped back deeper into the camp towards another guard team.
Well one might thing a group of heroes against the single goblin would not be much of a match. And that one might be right.
But the gods roll dice too you know.

The man did his job and held up the party before he died and the other one was able to gather a few more orcs to the fray.

The next few minutes of time is a bit of blur to be honest, Lots of sword swinging, throwing of sticks, and bolts of energy and we are at the point where no two survivors could ever tell the story in the same. But at least in the end it was the heroes still standing one and all, with a few slaves alive as well!

The gruff Pahtrik took the slaves under his wing in a way that was bordering on slavery itself. The paladin will have to watch this mongrel.
Looking around they found a few trinkets. From the goblins actually as a surprise to most but them little crossbows might be worth something to somebody that knew how to use them, add to that a bottle of speed on one which explains the rapid fire from the other one. He must have drunk his. Well what’s left over just might come in handy!
Maz finally came up and joined them, with news that the sentry they tried to keep tied up for questions had died from his wounds while Maz tried to talk to him.

Then the party finally saw them. Another team of orcs standing off the side farther up the trail. But these had their backs to them and lifting tankards of what looked like ale.

And they were sitting on a chest!

Well well well

With some good time planning they devised a plane and tried a sneaking rush to hide the gnome wizard as she ran up and cast color spray right in their faces

Did I mention these orcs were drunk as the day was long? The spray had a great effect; all but one orc ran into the woods screaming from the visage. 2 seconds later the last one ran into the woods screaming “no,no,no,no,no,no,no” into the gloom.

The chest was won without a single stroke of blade (good job y’all)

Inside were plenty of little bags with small sums of coin obviously a pay chest. Added were a few scrolls of healing one can only assume for the slaves that fell to weak to work. And at the bottom of the chest a strange find.
A scroll of tiny hut, the wizard knew what it was. It meant a chance to heal wounds, rest bones, replenish spells and everyone agreed
Well all but the bearded thug pushing the slaves around he seen nothing but gold coins. After some debate he was argued down and the spell was cast and everyone took the rest feeling all the much more rested and powerful for it.


Climbing down from the invisible floating hut in the sky they came upon even more weirdness. 4 orcs, A large muscle bound brute, a bent over aged shaman with a gutting bear draped over him…and a Kobold….in shining plate mail.

Everyone needed a second to take it in on both sides, the bad guys acted first. The kobold skittered up a trail of rocks with amazing dexterity; the shaman bid the archers to the ruins and covers than pushed the brute to the front of the battle.
It was on
Pahtrik was there in a blink of eye sword raised….ok the guy was good for something at least. The rest rushed on behind him.
The fight was rather hectic, with the shaman having a few good tricks up his sleeve. Wall of daggers and enlarge on the brute was a fordable mix but the group was able to burn him down with not TOO much damage to themselves. An expeditious retreat casted by the shaman to reach the safety of the ruins helped him not in the slightest. His death was much cheered by the heroes.

After that it was a very minor matter to finish the archers. The group was starting to work well together.

At the ruins some short debate as what to do next, there was an obvious path down under the ruins but there was still the cave with the kobold fellow to deal with. Maz gave his opinion and down they went.
The stairwell showed definite signs of struggle and combat. It ended in a single chamber with a marbled floor with a giant map imprinted on it with no locations or names just rivers, mountains and such.
In the middle was a large sycoghogus (sp) with a device on top. I’ll make this short in case we need to revisit it but the party figured out the trap with little effort and they were able to open the coffin with little problem.
There it was, the item they seeked. You could tell by the little girlish squeak from Maz. A emblem much like the one around Maz’s neck but instead of worked iron it was of a deep rich wood and edged with fine gold. As old as everything around them seemed the dead priest’s focus seemed brand new.
Another round of questions for Maz as Mace continued to grope around the corpse.

Until the corpse tried to grope for him, good reflex’s saved Mace’s hide and as he back peddled from the cairn the dead priest started to rise up with a black and smoky sword appearing in his hand.
For once the party did not have to debate or discuss and get feedback from all members before action. In a blink they did the scobbydoo up the steps and back into daylight as the wraith screeched at them from the darkness.

This led to some more questions for Maz, maybe a bit heated ones at that but he just kinda shrugged them off and asked to the religious item. They continued to talk about it as they subconsciously headed away from the crypt and towards the cave.
There they stopped to make certain decisions that will be covered on the forums



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