Timmy of the Hollar


Timmy’s family has lived in his Hollar for several generations, farming and living off the land. His great-great grandfather was a powerful Druid that never really died so much as became one with the land and protected the Hollar by his very life force in the land and animals. For three generations the Druidic arts were lost to his family, but the spirit of his great-great grandfather stood watch over the family and land.

At the age of 15 Timmy was forcefully drafted into an army, trained in basic fighting and was gone to war for 3 years. When the war was over, he returned to find his family had been killed and the Hollar razed. His great-great grandfather was not enough to protect the evil force that destroyed much of the Hollar and his family.

Timmy, alone in the world, decided that he would remain the the Hollar and heal the land. He spent many years alone. During that time the spirit of his great-great grandfather spoke to him through the land and taught him the Druidic arts. Timmy healed the land and made friends with the plants and animals that lived in the Hollar. 20 years have passed and the Hollar has been healed, but Timmy has had very little contact with civilization barring the infrequent visit to town for farming supplies.

With the new threat to his Hollar, Timmy has unwillingly joined the party of adventurers to put an end to the threat and keep the Hollar safe.


Timmy of the Hollar

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