Acorn Brewmasterson

Brewer and Servant of Chauntea




Of his background, Acorn will only say he comes from a small farming community near the Reaching Woods. He grew up the younger of two siblings, in the shadow of his sister, Barley. His father, Tinjon Brewmaster was a master brewer, and devoted to his wife, Lada, a priestess of Chauntea the Great Mother, and the village wisewoman.

Acorn carries on the traditions of both of his parents’ vocations, making living expenses by brewing and selling finely crafted ales and beers, and venerating Chauntea. He received formal induction into her faith serving as his mother’s acolyte, but has since given up the dogma of organized religion for a druidic approach.

Barley left home for a life of adventure when Acorn was 11. He hasn’t seen his sister since, and one of his long term goals is to find her and tell her of the deaths of their parents. To this end, he has been traveling the Sword Coast, making contact with adventuring companies and selling his brews.

Acorn Brewmasterson

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