Rise of the G.O.Ds

Bad news bears, Boom Boom, and the swamp race

ok sooooo much to cover here
We got the bears in the cave story, with the not so great ending
We got the Boom Boom fight that did end rather good
Then the swamp scene that went about as expected
And lastly we find the hero’s out in the ocean of tears.
So let’s get too it than shall we

The party knew there would be other bears inside; they expected the oversized hostile man eating pinkish ones.
What they didn’t expect was the big black bear, mostly because it was Timmy in shapchange.

“Seems the hic’s been holding out on us” Landon was a bit surprised “well if he wants to be a giant bear than let HIM be in the front” and cocks his crossbow
“Grwwellehmpth” was all Timmy had to say on the matter
So actually I will not give a blow by blow on this encounter. The party found the bears and with a bit of team work they also found out they where half starved and weakened from misuse and died rather easy. The downside of this was Timmy went into slayer mode from the kill spree and ripped everything in front of him to peaces including poor Boo-Boo.
The little fella had some shred of his former self left in him and didn’t rush to attack the party…That didn’t stop Timmy as he eviscerated the bear. Yogi was in the rear trying to hold off two other bears from reaching the party and tried to get to Boo Boo in time but he died just before Yogi could get to the melee.
There was a moment of silence in the cave as the last bears fell and what happened dawned on everyone.
The paladin tried in vain to beg the gods for assistance as poured her healing glory into the bloody mess but there was no reviving him. He was too far gone.
Rylle used her tears to anoint the head of the bear (an act that meant little to the others but Yogi got it) and the fearsome wrath emptied out of him and he seemed to shrink in grief. A profane look of sadness came over the bear that will last with the team forever as he took Boo Boo by the foot and shambled out of the cave with the corpse. Pausing only to look Acorn in the eye and snort. They did not need a magic spell to translate that a trust has been broken and a friendship died with Boo.
In silence the team moved on deeper into the cave, not feeling so very heroic.

They reached the end of the tunnels and it opened out to a giant cave. Water flowed from the wall out into it and the roar of a waterfall could be heard deeper in. The flicker of torches had them pause in the darkness of the mouth of the cave. They decided to send the rogue in ahead to scout out the situation.
Vytas crept along the wall and bore witness to something never seen by his eyes. A Cyclops stood at the far side of the cave mucking about with some barrels. The giant was oblivious to his presence and he was very happy for that.
Then came the low growl beside him, a murderous set of yellow eyes in the shadows with him. He was not the only one hiding in the shadows and with the growl the Cyclops’s head snapped to him.
He was found
“Wut, just one o’ya? Grist said there was to be more and I should hide. But I am Boom Boom and my kind does not hide. My kind has been killing yours for a great long time and I am a slave to tradition.” He was not instantly rushed with lighting welding wizards and an army of swords so “Well then so be it, just ta sneak thief it is. Tell me little one can you play catch?” And he launched a humongus stone right at Vyt that connected him right in the chest crushing him to the floor “HAH dat wus good! Ok Get’em boys” he bellowed
And with that the wolfs came from the shadows, large Dire hounds bend on murder.
Vytal screamed in pain as teeth and claw tore his flesh. Blood pooled in the stream around him as he passed out from the damage.
“He’s dyeing!” yelled the paladin and she rushed to help but the party’s advance was blocked by another large wolf. They would never get there in time
“Mist of the vale rise and aid us!” Timmy waved his ugly stick and the cave filled with the thick fog blinding the giant and several of the dogs. More giant stones was hurled but at total random directions as the team desperately tried to engage the dog at them and still save the rogue. The newcomer Acorn was able to splash around the beast and hurl a healing magic to him in time to stem his instant death but he was still trouble from being in such a fight all alone in knee deep water.
Timmy charges to take the heat of melee away but paid a heavy price for it. It was obvious his bear form would not last to foes that could rend so much damage so fast. And the giant was somewhere in the cave still and that would not be an easy fight.
The team rallied to clear the immediate area of wolves before the giant found them and they readied themselves as best they could before Tim let the fog wane.
It was a blur of action, there was still two wolves with the giant and the team poured on a volley of destruction before the giant had much of a chance to do anything about it. It brought him to his knees and as he was dying he tried to crawl to the barrels sitting atop the waterfall talking in delirious blurbs about finishing the work.

But no, the gnome didn’t care to know what his story was or to let him “finish” his act of poisoning the marsh with his dire sluice. She approached and at point blank range her bolt of energy pierced his eye and broiled his brain.
It was over

Yaaa huzah! The team was mostly not that harmed for such a fight and they just bagged a fucking giant!
As most the party searched the area others took to purifying or destroying all possibilities and traces of the poisons used by the giant.
Not so much in coinage (400SP, 800CP, 150gp) no gems nor scrolls BUT one Master Craft weapon (1 hit) , one Vicious weapon (1 DMG), and one mundane +1
A short rest later they exit the back end of the cave on the trail of Grist but the track is lost once it hits the highroad. With not much else to do they return to the village of Lionel and Maztah

Once there he takes in the story and agrees that it was only a pit stop to a much bigger threat. He promises to look into things as best as he can and has a few ideas where to start.
However in the meantime he asked the party to undertake another quest concerning the relic. While they were gone two attempts have been made to steal the item and a few breather have died.
It is clear that it is not safe here and he needs to move it to a much higher militant base of the church. Obviously that would be the head church in Waterdeep. He plans to send a strong armed escort of priest along with the relic to the church.
But they would just be a decoy, he wants the team to take the relic to a trusted friend just south of the city by watercraft, very discreet and unassuming as a wad of average adventurers is common to the area. Since nobody but a very select few know of the plan he feels it is the safest way.

The team agrees (after soaking Maz dry of cash) and off they go. In a secluded part of the swamp they meet their escort. A funny shaped gnome with a attitude that Berks found instantly obnoxious. It was a bit mutual and the gnome (named Pheranome) was very disdainful and racial of Berks.
They were informed they had to take dingy’s through the much waters to the boat that was hidden in the trees near the sea line. Easy no? get to rowing ya lubs
The trip there was far from uneventful. Once in the deep of the swamp two lurking lizard men appeared, it was odd for only two of them to attack a armed boar but it was a a hit and run job. They threw bladder bags of some goo against the boat and wadded off into the muck blowing loud deep horns.
Within seconds the wildlife came, with Alligators, Dire Crocs, snakes, puffer fish, and the like attacking them as they rowed as hard they could. Cutting lose the baggage skiffs they still hardly made it out of the swamp and by the time they reached the boat they had just enough time to get on and away from shore before the rowboat was swarmed with a army of gators. Standing on the shore was a few lizard men and orcs watching their escape and it was clear.
Somebody powerful was after them and it was best to stay away from shore for awhile.



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